Five Reasons Why You Should Care About Scholarships (Besides the Money)

It’s no secret that scholarships can help you pay for college. But did you know that they can also lead to some pretty amazing opportunities? Here are five reasons by Jordan Sidoo why you should care about scholarships—even if you don’t think you need the money.

Why You Should Care About Scholarships (Besides the Money)

1. They Can Help You Develop Valuable Skills

Many scholarships involve more than just writing a check. Some require that you maintain a certain GPA or complete community service hours. Others may ask you to submit an essay, participate in an interview, or give a presentation. By taking on these challenges, you’ll develop valuable skills like time management, public speaking, and writing—skills that will help you both in college and in your future career.

2. They Can Help You Make Connections

The process of applying for scholarships can help you make connections with mentors, teachers, and other professionals who can help support your academic and professional goals. For example, your high school counselor may be able to put you in touch with an alumni member who serves on the scholarship committee of a local organization. Or if you’re applying for a scholarship that’s sponsored by a business or nonprofit organization, the application process may give you a chance to connect with someone who works there—and who knows, they might even offer you an internship or job down the road!

3. They Can Help You Stand Out from Other Applicants

In today’s competitive job market, it’s not enough to simply have a degree—you need to have experience too. And one great way to get experience is by winning scholarships and taking advantage of the opportunities they offer. For example, if you win a scholarship that requires you to complete community service hours, those hours will not only look great on your resume but they’ll also give you firsthand experience working in your chosen field. Similarly, if you win a scholarship that asks for an essay submission, you can use that essay as a writing sample when applying for jobs after graduation.

4. They Can Help You Explore Your Passions

There are all sorts of different types of scholarships out there—from academic scholarships to creative scholarships to civic engagement scholarships and more. So whether you’re passionate about art or interested in engineering or dedicated to public service, there’s bound to be a scholarship out there for you! Applying for and winning scholarships can help you explore your interests and figure out what type of career might be right for you.

5. They Can Help You Pay for College…But That’s Not All!

Of course, one of the main reasons why people apply for scholarships is because they want help paying for college. And that’s understandable! After all, college is expensive and any little bit helps. But it’s important to remember that scholarships offer so much more than just financial assistance—they can also help lead to some amazing opportunities and experiences. So don’t just think of them as another way to pay your tuition bill—think of them as a way to invest in your future!

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